Alaskan Yellow Cedar (AYC)

Alaskan Yellow Cedar (AYC) is a great wood. Its straight grain and its light yellow color set it apart from other types of cedar. Note AYC is not a cedar; it is a cypress tree but unlike the common native bald yellow cypress. It is the hardest (cedar) known, and has exceptional durability and longevity. When dried properly it is harder than most commercial softwoods, giving strength to its beauty. In most applications it will actively resist splitting or splintering. Applications for Alaskan Yellow Cedar are only limited by its cost, supply or availability. This is why Red Cedar is often used instead of it. It makes beautiful accents, cabinetry, and paneling that gives a unique look of elegance and expense, one that is not frequently seen in the marketplace. It is also used as decorative siding both inside and outside and when properly finished and maintained easily holds its eye-catching appearance and last a lifetime. When you are looking for beauty, durability and relatively rare wood Alaskan Yellow Cedar is an excellent choice. It is easy to work with and very decay resistant. It blends well with most all surroundings and is the choice for upscale designers in areas that require a light natural look. For more insights into AYC, please contact US Lumber Brokers or search the web for: “Alaskan Yellow Cedar Lumber for Sale Austin Texas” “Alaskan Yellow Cedar lumber Austin Texas”.
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