Cumaru Brazilian Teak

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Cumaru / Brazilian Teak

Decking and Flooring There are many hardwood species that offer different characteristics to customers in terms of resilience, color, and grain. Among the most popular hardwoods, excelling in all of these areas, is Cumaru. Also known as Brazilian Teak, this species is popular in flooring as well as in deck construction because of its superior ability to stand up to rough conditions. Once installed, this species requires little to no maintenance for decades. People also gravitate towards Cumaru due to its broad range of potential when it comes to color. From rich tans to deep, reddish-brown hues, the shade you choose has the potential for an engaging finish that displays unparalleled luster. Because Cumaru is an exotic hardwood, it has many properties that woods widely available domestically do not possess. It resists rotting and is impermeable to the vast number of insects that typically damage hardwood surfaces.

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Cumaru Hardwood Charm

Cumaru wood has multiple advantages over other woods on the market and the wood substitutes that people often mistakenly choose for projects. Composites do not have the same ability to resist damage nor do they traditionally come in many different lengths. They also come with a much higher price tag for much less value. Cumaru is available in long lengths, and it needs no chemical treatment in order to make it resistant to the dangers in and around the home. It naturally repels mildew, mold, and fungus. Owners typically enjoy over 25 years of beauty before the wood needs any real attention in order to maintain its appeal. It is also one of the hardest woods in its family and, as an added bonus, this wood has a faint natural vanilla and cinnamon scent.

A Choice Backed By Service and Passion

Austin’s US Lumber Brokers is the number one choice when customers begin considering adding a deck or hardwood siding. The decision to use Cumaru wood always leads to satisfied customers, thanks to the quality of the material and the friendly professional service that we put into every interaction. Exotic woods imported to Austin, then shipped to you at competitive prices, is one of the cornerstones of our business. The choice is simple and the results are beautiful. Likewise, our feature project with Cumaru is the Hardberger Urban Ecology in San Antonio, Texas. By contacting US Lumber Brokers today, you can make exotic hardwoods part of the warmth that enlivens your home. We are proud to recommend this wood as one that represents the best value for your project because we care about our customers, and we strive to sell only trusted materials.

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