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Garapa aka Brazilian Pine

Decking and Siding Garapa, or Brazilian Pine, is a popular form of lumber imported to our Austin headquarters from South America. Its scientific name is Apuleia Leiocarpa, although not surprisingly, it is never sold using that term. However, it is sometimes sold under the names Garapa Gold or the aforementioned Brazilian Pine. Although it grows in several South American countries, most of it is imported from Brazil. The Wonderful Color of Garapa Wood Perhaps the most popular feature behind the appeal of Garapa wood is its color. The golden hues of the wood blend with virtually any decor, and the warmth of it only deepens and becomes enriched with age. The golden beauty of it is what makes it one of the most popular forms of wood for outdoor decks, hardwood siding, rainscreens, soffits and other structures that will be exposed to the elements, such as outdoor furniture. Garapa is durable with a high density that wears well over time and presents a range of attractive graining. In addition to the natural appearance of its golden brown color, Garapa has the advantage of being reasonably priced, in the same range as other South American imports like Jatoba and Cumaru. It has many of the characteristics of Mahogany and Maple, but usually at a lesser expense. One special feature is that it has much of the same look as a wooden floor inside a home, but is able to maintain that appearance exterior hardwood siding or rainscreens. Garapa wood creates different grain patterns that never appear the same on any two boards. Aside from its gorgeous appearance, Garapa is a good choice from a purely practical perspective. It does not shrink nor easily splinter and is also resistant to warping, decay and termites. Garapa wood outperforms oak in strength and weight. As a hardwood of high density, it is generally considered good for at least 25 years. It is known to last considerably longer if well-cared-for. The wood emits no offensive odors, nor is it prone to causing allergic reactions.

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Next Level of Golden Excellence

The beautiful color of Garapa wood combined with its ability to age well and deliver years of high quality performance make it an excellent choice for any outdoor use. US Lumber Brokers have had great success in using Garapa decking as exterior hardwood sidings and rainscreens on large-scale commercial projects such as P. Terry’s Hamburgers in Austin, Texas, as well as the culinary school in Tijuana, Mexico. Call us at (512) 927 – 1111 today and let us show you how Garapa wood can take your outdoor project to the next level of excellence.

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