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PrimeLineTM Hemlock, Exclusive High-end Premium Quality

This “Hand Selected” rare Hemlock is a beautiful wood, has virtually no knots, no roughness or coarseness of grain (tight grain, not open grain) extraordinary beauty, smooth and consistent used for the ultra-high-end requirements of the most demanding Architects and Owners. This is truly a distinctive high quality wood characterized by its rare beauty and very limited availability. It is used exclusively where differentiation and distinction is an absolute requirement that cannot be compromised. Wood of this quality was thought to be no longer available since the early 1900’s but a limited amount of it has been released for harvesting under a strict forestry management program; the wood is Available in FSC® certified.

Hemlock wood has been used successfully both internally and externally in both residential and commercial construction since the 1940’s. It is an alternative to the much more expensive hardwoods such as Rift Sawn White Oak. It has extensive usage for accent walls, soffits, cabinetry, framing, flooring, and molding. Hemlock timbers and logs are often used in log home construction and rustic interior construction. Hemlock is also employed in the construction of dry heat saunas because of its lack of pitch and resin. The wood has a moderate to high resistance to the elements and, therefore, has been used for railroad ties and similar “earth” applications over the years.

The wood is straight grained, easy to work with and can be glued and screwed without any problem. It is often used in the making of stair components, and cabinetry where little color variation is critical. It finishes well, sands to a silky finish and properly finished can be highly reflective.

Realize there are two types of Hemlock, Eastern Hemlock and Western Hemlock. They are both very similar but the Western Hemlock is stronger and typically has a straighter grain and no resin.

Hemlock is often looked at as an alternative to ponderosa, white pine and white oak in many applications depending on the particular look desired and the environment.

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