Ipe Wood

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Ipe Wood / Brazilian Walnut

Decking, Flooring, and Siding Ipe wood, also known as Brazilian Walnut, is the most interesting type of lumber that is known to man. It is a long-lasting hardwood and those who purchase Ipe for their construction projects will appreciate its many benefits. Imagine a material that is extremely durable, highly beautiful, and all-natural. Because of its hardwood qualities, homeowners want this product and are happy to know that it stands up well in tropical and difficult climates in Texas, from Amarillo to Austin to Port Aransas. It happens to grow throughout much of Central and South America, which makes it an easy import into the United States. Ipe wood is a genuine show-off wood because it boasts deep and natural colors, from light hues to dark hues; however, that is not the end of its beauty: it also has an exceptionally nice exotic grain pattern, which sings and shouts with magnificent color combinations and variations.

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Ipe Has Many Qualities And Benefits

When customers decide to use Ipe hardwood as the basis for outdoor decks, they soon learn that it lasts longer and outperforms the qualities of all other wood products that are used for this purpose. When customers evaluate Ipe and stack it up against almost any other product on the market, they are quite pleased to find out that this choice for decking works better because it is stronger and more dense than most woods. Ipe is also popularly used for siding/soffit and many other outdoor/indoor applications.

The Sturdiness of Ipe

Consumers claim that Ipe hardwood feels more solid under their feet and contend that this sturdiness is a wonderful feeling. Even better for the customer is the fact that most synthetic decking is neither natural nor sustainable material — and it is certainly not ecologically sound. On the other hand, Ipe is harvested by sustainable-yield methods that have the health of the forest in mind. For this reason, it is definitely a green building material and, with the option of an FSC® certification (BV-COC-08020), it guarantees an eco-friendly building product.

Ipe wood holds up well to the shenanigans of children and pets. However, if a particularly destructive force or smudge does penetrate the surface of your Ipe decking, a simple cure is to sand away the problem. Smudges on the wood can easily be sanded back to its original premium and beautiful condition. For the most part, though, owners of Ipe structures do not have to worry about serious injury to the wood.

Ipe lasts for a very long time. When customers buy Ipe wood items, they are often surprised to find out that many of them function well for more than 40 years. In addition, these customers do not have to do much in the way of maintenance to keep the wood looking beautiful. However, this wood does look especially nice if it is cleaned with an oil-based cleaner, such as our superdeck product or some other wood cleaner, from time to time.

Contact US Lumber Brokers For High-Grade Ipe Wood

US Lumber Brokers supplies high quality hardwood for any home or commercial building project. From the finest grades of lumber to carefully-handled shipping procedures, we make sure that you receive your lumber in the best condition from our Austin headquarters. One of the many projects we have worked on using our Ipe is Cobb’s Residence, Gibbs Hollow, in Austin, Texas. Ipe was used for the decking, siding, and soffit. For a low-risk Ipe wood supplier, call US Lumber Brokers at 512-927-1111 or click here to request a free quote today!

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