Massaranduba Brazilian Redwood

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Massaranduba / Brazilian Redwood

Decking and Siding Massaranduba is arguably one of the most beautiful wood species in existence. Commonly known as Brazilian Redwood, Massaranduba is a plum-toned hardwood that is very vibrant, durable and long-lasting. As the name suggests, it is not native to Austin, but originated in South and Central America. It can grow in a variety of different condition and soils and is one of the hardest and most durable wood species in the world. Massaranduba lumber planes are very smooth, which allows for nails and screws. It is responsibly harvested, making it an environmentally-friendly alternative to chemically treated wood. It is a robust renewable resource – the perfect choice for sustainable wood.

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Massaranduba for Decking and Outdoor Projects

Its bright and luminous velvet-red hue makes this lumber a favorite for building decks, porches and stairs. Its fine texture allows it to resist insect attacks, wood decay, fungus and mold, making it a great outdoor wood choice in decking. Massaranduba is also a great choice for indoor flooring, because of its warm colors, which create an ambiance of coziness within any home. Additionally, it finishes well and can be polished for a high shine, and requires little maintenance in order to retain its luster. Unlike many other common wood species, Massaranduba has a life span of over 25 years.

Massaranduba is commonly substituted for Ipe and California Redwood. Not only is it more economical than some other types of wood and harder than California Redwood, but also its resistance to insects and extreme weather makes it an even better alternative.

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US Lumber Brokers supply the highest grade of hardwoods. From the initial crating process to the shipping procedures, we ensure quality care of your lumber so that you receive it in excellent condition from our Austin headquarters. Our Massaranduba wood is nothing short of premium material to create that perfect appearance for a successful project. Call us at 512-927-1111 or click here to request a quote!


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