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PrimeLineTM South Yellow Pine, Exclusive High-end Premium Quality

This “Hand Selected” very rare Southern Yellow Pine is a beautiful wood, has virtually no knots, no roughness or coarseness of grain (tight grain, not open grain) extraordinary beauty, smooth and consistent used for the ultra-high-end requirements of the most demanding Architects and Owners. This is truly a distinctive high quality wood characterized by its rare beauty and very limited availability. It is used exclusively where differentiation and distinction is an absolute requirement that cannot be compromised. Wood of this quality was thought to be no longer available since the early 1900’s but a limited amount of it has been released for harvesting under a strict forestry management program; the wood is FSC® certified.

Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) has been a staple of the building industry for years for home construction, decking, landscaping and utility poles and posts. The quality and consistency of product can vary widely because of several factors. SYP does not refer to any one species of pine trees but a group of trees including Longleaf, Shortleaf, Loblolly, and Slash pine. This is one of the reasons for the variations in quality and overall durability.

Clear Southern Yellow Pine is a beautiful pine often used both commercially and residentially as accents walls, custom siding, and rain screen.

When sourcing SYP as plywood or dimensional lumber, it is important to clearly specify what is required and consult with your lumber yard regarding your particular use and application. Often SYP is viewed as a commodity. This is rightly so for the lower grades because of significant variations in quality and price. Lesser grades are sold because of market pressures; however, when SYP is used in custom milling or for siding, only the clear grade can be used without a problem and provides an appearance without imperfections. As with all lumber, it is important to preserve and maintain it to sustain its beauty and long life.

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