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Flooring, Decking, and Siding Tigerwood is hard to describe because it is so beautiful and exotic that most people have never even heard about it. This wood originates in Brazil, and its color and design are what make it so special. It presents itself as a dark orange, but it has tantalizing streaks that work their way into the orange color, and the end result is the appearance of a tiger’s beautiful coat, hence its name. Tigerwood buffs and polishes to a gorgeous shine, and the polishing requires very little effort. On the other hand, owners of beautiful Tigerwood flooring must not sand it without training. The lovely tiger-like color can be damaged when an unskilled worker attempts to sand the surface. The good news is that sanding is rarely ever needed due to the durable nature of this wood. In fact, it holds up to wear and tear better than most other types of hardwoods. If any type of intervention is needed, always use carbide-tipped cutting tools, like the U.S. Lumber Brokers silver lightning blades, since these tools tend to protect the strength of Tiger wood. Nails can be used in this exotic wood, but pre-boring is highly recommended. Tigerwood is best known for adding loveliness to all types of floors, but the Brazilian wood is also utilized for paneling, soffit, wains coating and hardwood siding. Imagine a wall that looks like a tiger! This type of paneling can certainly add zest to any type of décor. In addition, Tiger wood can be used to create unusual furniture–the type that makes designers smile–because Tigerwood is the face of genuine luxury. Other projects that lend themselves to the use of strong-wood materials, such as decking and rainscreens, can benefit from the use of this wood too. Tigerwood is associated with those who can afford luxuries, and it is connected with those who like to impress others as well. It can be expensive, but that is part of its lure and deep sense of luxury. Tigerwood is a product to envy, and that is why so many are drawn to its beauty.

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Be sure to take a whimsical attitude about Tigerwood because it is known for its striped grains, also known as tiger stripes. Many customers may not know that Tiger wood and other products made with this exotic and desirable wood are readily available at our Austin headquarters. Our feature project with this hardwood is the Galaxy Theatre Trails at 620 in Austin, Texas. Tigerwood flooring was used for accent walls as well as wains coating. The construction value of this project was $5 million.

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