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PrimeLineTM Western Red Cedar, Exclusive High-end Premium Quality – WRC-USA/840-PL

This “Hand Selected” rare Western Red Cedar is a beautiful wood, has virtually no knots, no roughness or coarseness of grain (tight grain, not open grain) extraordinary beauty, smooth and consistent used for the ultra-high-end requirements of the most demanding Architects and Owners. This is truly a distinctive high quality wood characterized by its rare beauty and very limited availability. It is used exclusively where differentiation and distinction is an absolute requirement that cannot be compromised. Wood of this quality was thought to be no longer available since the early 1900’s but a limited amount of it has been released for harvesting under a strict forestry management program; the wood is FSC® certified.

Western –Red Cedar Timbers and a whole lot more

Western –Red Cedar Timbers and a whole lot more Western Red Cedar is one of the most sought after domestic woods because of its beauty, versatility, durability, and sustainability. Our PrimeLine Red Cedar has been recognized as the best of the best by many architects and builders. It’s aesthetically beautiful and has crisp, tonal qualities ranging from dark brown with mixes of pink and/or reddish hues making it a beautiful wood.

The wood itself is insect and rot resistant, and pitch and resin-free, allowing it to take a wide variety of finishes and coating without problems and last a lifetime. It is one of the most versatile woods available, thereby finding applications in a very wide range of designs and products.

Red Cedar has been used both indoors and outdoors very successfully. Applications range from the traditional cedar chest or cedar closet to decking, siding, shingles, fences, gazebos, trellises, timber truss, large and small accents, and numerous landscaping attractions.

Unlike many building products on the market today, Red Cedar is extremely environmentally friendly, because rather than producing greenhouse gases it removes them from the atmosphere. Also, it is biodegradable and renewable making it a favorite with municipalities and builders wishing to “Build Green.”

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WRC #2 Appearance Green Rough

  • 3×4 thru 3×12 Rough
  • 4×4 thru 4×12 Rough & S4S
  • 6×6 thru 6×12 Rough & S4S
  • 8×8, 8×10, 8×12, 10×10, 10×12 Rough
  • Other Sizes Available

WRC Primeline Clear Cedar Timbers

  • 4×4 & 4×6 S4S 4×4 thru 4×12 Rough
  • 6×6 Rough/S4S
  • 4×10, 4×12, 6×10, 6×12, 8×10, 8×12
  • Other Sizes Available
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