Spanish Cedar Wood

Spanish cedar is a most beautiful wood often overlooked by architects and builders. Its straight grain is similar the mahogany but mills better and with more consistency. It is commonly used as an accent to other woods and in high-end door jams and windows. Another use for this beautiful cedar is in the lining of large modern closets in custom homes. Here is pleasant aroma and refined appearance sets it apart from the usual cedar linings so often found in closets.

Spanish cedar has been used for cedar chests, cabinetry, wood carvings, and sculptures. In applications that have high moisture content or subject to high humidity Spanish cedar works exceptionally well because of its ability not to shrink, swell, warp or disfigure. It has long been used in wooden humidifier cabinets because of its unique properties. It is very different from the everyday cedar products typically found at most lumber yards and companies.

The wood has a moderate durability regarding resistance to decay, is resistant to termites and weathers well. This makes it an excellent choice for swampy areas in the southeastern part of the United States as a critical building material, and an alternative to the lessor durable treated pine.

Care must be given in finishing Spanish cedar in that it is best finished with oil-based stains or oil-based paints. Latex products often fail to hold up or remain constant on Spanish cedar because of its moderately high natural oil content.