Rainscreen Cleat

Rainscreen Cleat (Dillo Cleat) (Dillo Siding System)

The Rainscreen Cleat is a functional part of the Dillo Siding System from Best Fasteners LLC. The Dillo System is a turnkey approach to high-end rainscreen applications where the wood, fasteners (cleats), moisture proofing and installation are all provided by “certified” installation companies. This method removes the risks of improper installation and the voiding of the warranties on all components used. The idea is to do it right the first time, thereby preserving the beauty of the project and protecting the investment for the life of the structure.

The Dillo Siding (Cleat) System offers many advantages to designers, architects, and owners because of its eye-catching one of a kind design with tremendous visual value. The Dillo System has wide ranging applications and multiple looks that help separate the stakeholders from the everyday “stock look” used in traditional approaches to rainscreen applications.

Additionally, the Dillo fastening system provides extreme durability and a more economical installation than the conventional methods, thus enhancing the beauty of the project and saving money on the overall project.

The Dillo System rainscreen approach can also be used on existing structures. It is a most economical way of refreshing a structure, improving its visual appearance and increasing the R-value of walls. The application of rainscreens can be used to accent and enhance, providing an upscale look at a minimal cost, thereby increasing the value of the property and its earning potential.

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