US Lumber Brokers provides a wide range of resources and capabilities to our customers. It all begins with being your supplier of choice to being a member of your team as a consultant helping you to better serve your customers.

We often deal in the extraordinary when it comes to lumber; we are your source for the best of the best as well as other premium standard grades. But it does not stop here; we offer a full line of milling and pre-finishing capabilities along with the stains and hardware/fasteners required for any project.

Custom Milling

Custom milling is offered to provide specialized look and/or unique appearance that accentuate the desired design. Also, if you desire an altogether unique “Cut” we can work with you to design the necessary tools for almost any milling requirement. US Lumber Brokers has designed several tools that provide the designer and builder with capabilities unavailable elsewhere in the industry.

Custom milling and precision cutting prior to delivery can often save considerable project investment/capital by reducing both the time and labor requirements on-site. Another aspect of savings often comes in the form of increased job site security. On the opposing end, custom milling and/or finishing reduces open storage time on-site before utilization, thereby reducing the possibility of theft, pilferage and damage. In many cases the cost to fabricate off-site offers additional savings because the costs can be significantly less than the on-site cost that can improve site and worker safety.


Our service for Pre-finishing our lumber both provides cost reduction and improves quality consistency in comparison to completion on-site. In many applications off-site, pre-finishing also offers the advantage of providing a more consistent finish in a controlled environment, and reduces compliance requirements for municipal and EPA regulatory requirements (where applicable).

In some situations it is possible to combine both Custom Milling and Pre-finishing work for increased value and benefits in the areas of overall costs savings, schedule and labor reductions, and regulatory requirement mitigation.


The right stain and the proper application enhances and beautifies any wood project application. In addition, it preserves the overall life of the wood therefore reducing overall ongoing maintenance costs.

US Lumber Brokers offers an extensive variety of stains and information on practical applications that will assist with enhancing your project, and protect your investment, along with the woods lasting beauty.


The wood is only one part of the project’s many potential needs. We offer the tools, hardware, and fasteners to compliment the your project without the hassle of looking elsewhere. This greatly aids in streamlining the project towards completion.

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