Reynaers Aluminum Windows

Reynaers Aluminum Windows

Reynaers is a provider of sustainable, high-quality aluminum window solutions both standard (off-the-shelf) and custom designs. When designing or building sizeable multifamily complex’s, commercial or industrial units Reynaers is a wise and risk-free choice providing real value for money regarding reliability, long life sustainability, and extremely low maintenance. The window systems meet the most stringent demands regarding comfort, security, architectural design, and energy-efficiency. There are many other critical aspects of the Reynaers windows which include price, quality, ecology, and safety.


The Reynaers are designed to different levels of thermal insulating ability (U-values) the lower the U-value the great the insulating ability. From the comfort, aspect consideration is given to ease-of-use, types of openings, ventilation, acoustics and wind/water tightness. From a window safety aspect, designs incorporate depending on the specifics, window fire & bullet protection, burglar resistance, general and child safety provisions.

Reynaers offers a wide range of standard solutions, and can also develop tailor-made solutions for specific market segments. The company was founded in 1965 and is indeed an international supplier of windows doors etc. Reynaers is an ISO 9001 quality assured company.

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